AIPower is a new technology adopted it in the baxiatechnology’s External Battery, USB Wall Charger, USB Car Charger and other products with USB output port. AI Power is so smart that it can detect and identify the input current of most of the mobile devices and charge them at its max speed. That is to say, with AI Power tech, baxiatechnology’s product can realize the real max speed charging and universal compatibility.

Why do you need AIPower technology for charging?

Have you ever noticed that some charging ports charge your mobile device faster or slower than others? This is often due to the output port offering the wrong amount of power for your device. In short, it’s a question of compatibility.

Charging made smart

AIPower is a brand new, exciting technology by baxiatechnology and implemented in our range of External Battery, USB Wall Charger, USB Car Charger products as well as other products with USB output ports. AIPower is smart enough to intelligently detect each connected device for universal compatibility, identify the correct input current and provide the maximum possible charging speed safely – all the time, every time.

The technology provides adaptive recharge rates for each individual charging port – even when there are multiple devices connected to different charging ports

Standard charging is a single lane freeway, AIPower is the charging equivalent of a four lane autobahn.

Accept no limits: enjoy full compatibility and full speed charging on all your mobile devices.

What makes AIPower technology so effective?

AIPower technology utilizes the state of the art Texas Instruments TPS2513 evaluation module. Incorporating class-leading technology, the TPS2513 is a Dual Channel, Auto Detect USB Charging Controller Evaluation Module that drives AIPower to deliver the charging speeds you deserve.

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